Saturday, 14 June 2014

My Bucket list

Authors Note: 

I am an 18 year old high schooler, 11 days away from graduating. It's a bittersweet feeling after having been in grade school for basically my entire life. Thinking about university gets my pretty pumped because of a few reasons, the main one being I will be living with my best friend. Another reason is what I want to study, which goes along with my bucket list. My dream is to be a photojournalist, so traveling will be my job. This way, I have 25 plus places I want to go to all planned out, and I won't have to pay for any of it! I hope that I can complete everything on my bucket list before I die, even though some of it seems unrealistic. 

1. Stay friends with the people I've grown up with
2. Go backpacking in Europe
3. Learn more about the Holocaust (partially complete)
4. See Hedley live in concert
5. See Paramore live in concert 
6. Go to Tomorrowland
7. Move into an apartment all on my own
8. Go on a road trip with my best friends 
9. Go hiking in the Canadian Rockies 
10. Go bungee jumping 
11. Go zip lining
12. Live on the east coast
13. Go to the cheerleading worlds 
14. See the ball drop in New York on New Year's Eve, in person
15. Be more flexible
16. Meet Channing Tatum
17. Donate Blood (partially complete) 
18. Donate $ to a good cause, anonymously
19. See the Royal Winnipeg Ballet
20. Eat at a fancy restaurant, dressed up
21. Go on a fancy date
22. Visit Québec 
23. Do something spontaneously 
24. Go backstage at a concert
25. Be a bridesmaid
26. Own a collection of old VHS childhood movies (partially completed) 
27. Spend a winter without snow
28. Go a year without pop or junk food
29. See Down With Webster live 
30. Go on a trip with mine and my best friends family 
31. Know an actor/actress on tv
32. Own a big house
33. Have a cabin on Lake Manitoba in St. Laurent 
34. Adopt my own dog (complete) 
35. Join a central cheer team
36. Be a flyer in a stunt at competition
37. Learn to tumble
38. Have a box tv when they aren't sold anymore 
39. Go skydiving
40. Get family pictures done every year
41. Be an auntie
42. Go to a drive in movie
43. Own lots of vintage things
44. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
45. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean 
46. Own every season of Friends
47. Own every season of One Tree Hil
48. Put my kids in dance or cheerleading 
49. Start a conversation with a random stranger
50. Go to a Winnipeg Jets game 
51. Be able to eat 'normal' food 
52. Have long hair and donate it to cancer 
53. Buy something from IKEA (complete)
54. Wear leather pants
55. Watch every episode of "Who's Line is it Anyway?" With Drew Carey 
56. Go horseback riding in the wild
57. Watch a full sunset
58. Get a tattoo
59. Go on a safari
60. Lock a lock on the love lock bridge in Paris 
61. Marry a francophone 
62. Be proposed to in an interesting way
63. Study in a coffee shop for hours (complete)
64. Set a world record  
65. Fishbowl Fridays (complete)
66. Do Humanitarian work 
67. Have a world map in my room of all the places I want to visit (complete) 
68. Dye my hair (complete) 
69. Get my oversplits further
70. Have a random coin collection (complete) 
71. Own a stuffed animal collection (complete) 
72. Travel to Europe (complete) (but I want to go back)
73. Write my bucket list in my room (complete) 
74. Go to my first concert (complete)
75. Win a soccer medal (complete) 
76. Win a cheerleading medal and/or trophy (complete)
77. Take a gondola ride in Venice in the Grand Canal
78. Fly in a hot air balloon 
89. Fall in love 
80. See a waterfall (complete)  
81. Cliff jump into the Ocean
82. Collect sand from every beach I visit
83. Buy a homeless person a hot meal
84. Start a new year off with an empty jar and fill it with good things that happen throughout the year
85. Flash mob
86. Study abroad
87. Lay in the middle of the road in the dead of might 
88. Be in two places at once
89. Change someone's life for the better
90. Kiss under mistletoe 
91. Celebrate Mahdi gras in New Orleans
92. Be on/watch in studio - Big Brother Canada
93. Meet Ryan Gosling
94. Plan my sisters wedding
95. Visit the Santa Monica pier
96. Sleep under the stars (complete)
97. Have a bucket list inspired anniversary 
98. Meet Matt Smith from Cheer Athletics 
99. Meet Jamie Andries from Cheer Athletics 
100. Own a pair of Nfinitys 
101. See Smoed, F5, CA Cheetas, Cali, Top Gun, Lady Bullets, Cheer X-treme, etc compete
102. Meet David Beckham 
103. Buy a keychain from everyplace in the world I visit
Go to...
104. Paris, France
105. Dublin, Ireland
106. Venice, Rome, Milan etc, Italy
107. Berlin, Germany (complete) 
108. Fiji
109. Sydney, Australia 
110. Rio de Jenerio, Brazil 
111. New Zealand
112. Cuba
113. Cancun, Mexico
114. Madagascar 
115. Panama City 
116. Athens, Greece 
117. Iceland 
118. Wales 
119. Poland (complete)
121. Prague, Czech Republic (complete) 
122. B.C. 
123. Scotland
124. Toronto
125. California
126. Jasper, Alberta
127. Bali
128. Spain
129. Croatia 

And much more!! 

My Short Story - The Art of Interactional Video Games

Waking up, I slowly glance around the room. Wires all around me, many of which are hooked up to me. I hear a loud crash... 

"Who's there?" I shout, but no other sounds were made. 

I blink, trying to remember where I am, and what happened. All of a sudden I feel a sharp pain in my arm as if I am being stabbed, and everything disappears. 

Regaining consciousness, I note that the things I see now are nothing like I remember seeing before everything went dark. Suddenly I realize, my arms are getting tired, and I can't figure our why. Looking up I see that I am holding myself up by a rope falling out of the sky. 

I think to myself. "How did I get here?" 

Then suddenly I realize I am no longer holding myself up, instead I am plummeting towards to ground, screaming, knowing I will be dead in just a few seconds. 

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ... wait I can't even see the ground. What's happening? Where am I? Get me out of here!" 

Now I realize I am being thrown towards a great fire in the sky, instead of being flung downwards by gravity's cruel effects. Then without even realizing it, I am walking in a city that I have no idea how I got to. Though I don't feel any panic for having just arrived here. Confused, I take a moment to search my feelings. 

"This town, it's beautiful. The structure and the skies. Everything about it is magnificent" 

During that time, I also glance down, and notice that my entire outfit has been changed; I am wearing a dress, which is something I have never worn before, but have always longed to do. I also notice that everything has a shimmer to it, and seems to glow.

I make a foolish mistake to walk around, and soon find myself face to face with one of my old enemies whom I left behind during the Great War when we lost contact with earth. I greeted him cautiously, and then started running, it feels like I am running through a fog and my movements are difficult.

"How have you been?" He started 
"I've been good! It's been a while, we should catch up sometime." 
"Why not now? I'm not doing anything." 
"Jake, I'm actually on my way somewhere." I try desperately to ditch him.
"I'll walk with you!" 

All I can think of is how badly I want something; anything to happen so I can get away from Jake. The last thing I need is for him to say something bad about me and no one will ever talk to me again. After all, he is one of the most popular and has been for as long as I can remember. 

All of a sudden gravity decided to have a surprise in store for me, and I can't be more ecstatic. I discovered, once again its flawless cruelty. Rolling down the hill, I
desperately tried to get myself into a position where I could stop, and get
up, so I could start running again. I finally managed it, and discovered
that my left arm was broken. I managed to bind it up with some deadwood
from the forest ground. Ignoring my many cuts and scrapes, I once again
headed off to the caves.

Picking up my pace, I frantically ran back up the hill. The fires had just reached the tops of the tallest trees, and they were starting to flare up. It would not be
too long before the whole forest was ablaze in a fiery mess.

I finally reached the cave, although I still needed to find my
access key. Searching through my shirt, I was finally able to get it,
berating myself for refusing to get the chip installed, which would not
have lost me this precious time.

The door to the cave opened up. I walked along the hallway, and down
the stairs into the bunkers that were on level d25. The walk down there
would take me about a hour, and i heard echoes of laughter, which meant that other
people had managed to get inside as well. Reaching floor b26, i managed to
catch sight of the timer. It read fifteen minutes left until the bunkers
would be locked down, and I may not have a hope of surviving this. I cursed
myself for falling down, and reaching the caves from the other wing, which
did not have the slide that would have made my descent almost instantaneous,
but it was one of the more remote areas, and hardly used.
I started running down the stairs, making fairly decent time, but worrying
that i would not make it in time. The next moment I, again, find
myself flying upwards.

This time I try to fight it, I don't have time to lose myself in
another place.

All of a sudden I am in a long corridor.. At first i thought, i had
lost my sight, but then i realized that everything was shaded black.
Even my clothes, a long sleeved shirt with those old style gloves - I think they called them ballroom gloves back five hundred years ago.
Looking around I saw the light covered in black as well. The walls
started to close in on me and I ran down the hallway towards a door
that seemed to appear up ahead in the far distance. Oddly, the door
seemed to be as white and glowing as the last place I ended up.
I started to run down the hallway, and found that no matter how much i ran, i always remain where i first arrived. The walls were still closing in on me, if i reached out with both arms, i would of been able to touch them. I started to panic, the walls were moving faster, and faster, and i could not seem to move an inch from where i was.

All of a sudden, I was at the door, and very much out of breath.. Opening the door, i saw a screen that was playing a image from earlier on in my life - one of the times i was with my sister Alyssha. We were both pretty young, no more than eight or nine years old. It was odd seeing the both of us outside from my memories from that time, it had been years since our pictures got destroyed in the raging fire of ‘27, when everyone was relocated to one of the surrounding cities.
I start to walk towards the screen which seems almost transparent. I had just reached it when i was suddenly back at the stairs, and glancing at the time, it looked like i had only lost two seconds.

I start running again, faster this time.. Maybe i can reach the secondary level at least which has five minutes longer to get to, before it gets locked down too.
All of a sudden,  I smelled an odd scent, it reminded me of my mother during my years growing up within her house. I felt a sadness, since we’d lost her last summer during an air raid on the colony.

Not having enough time to discover where the scent is coming from, I turn and head down the next flight of stairs. All of a sudden there is a really sharp pain on my arm. I rub my arm, feeling nothing there and keep running.

As I reach floor d25 the ground starts shaking violently. I hear my name being called, and soft, faint voices in the distance. Trying to keep my balance as everything starts dissolving. I try to hold onto the world, but it doesn’t seem to want to keep me around. I become aware of a beeping noise, and I glance around. There are less wires then i remember before.There is a monitor that is counting down;

45 seconds left.
30 seconds 
20 seconds

A strange person wearing all white, walks in and notices me awake and starring around. She walks out quickly, and there are hushed whispers coming from the hallway. I try to listen in, but I can’t quite make out the voices.

All of a sudden my sister and mother walk in. Both of them walk to the bed and give me a big hug. I look at them confused; both of them had died.

I started to ask them how they came back alive then realized that that probably was not an appropriate question to ask.

They both start talking at the same time, laugh and then my sister reminds me of the experiment with the virtual reality machine I had taken.

All of a sudden memories flood back and I remember the special project I joined through Facebook. It was my job to test out how real the system worked. The painful prod on my arm was the reversal drug to stop the inhibitor on my subconscious and conscious mind which detaches me from the real world and makes the game seem more real.

I climbed out of bed excitedly; after fifteen years we finally had the proper drug to bring back memories so people don't end up forever trapped in the game world.
"So what have I missed?"

"Well honey, not very much has happened. You were only out for about a day."
"We missed you of course, but you know you aren't done yet, right?" Alyssha reminds me. "You have to document everything that happened during the game on Facebook."

And so it goes...

"This game has to be the most exhilarating yet most terrifying game to ever be invented. I would recommend it to anyone who is up for a good time and a challenge.

While I was there...."

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

So What

"Safari Inside a Bookstore"  -- The 'So What' of this picture that I think the artist was trying to get across is how, instead of just going out and making experiences, people tend to read about adventures instead. So I think the author is trying to get across that we need to get out of our houses and make our own stories. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Personal Post - Tattoo Idea

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while, and my mom recently told me that she wants to get a tattoo of a butterfly because of a disease she has recently been diagnosed with. 

This picture is something that means a lot to me because it says, "Jamais Perd l'espoir" which means "Never Lose Hope" in French. Throughout my life, so far, there have been many instances where I don't believe anything is going right for me and I give up. So getting a tattoo of this, I think will remind me that I have to keep going, even though it's hard and it doesn't seem like anything is going good for me. The symbol next to the phrase one of the many symbols of hope. I chose this one because I think it fits with my personality and also fits well with many things that happen in my life. 

TED reflection - TED x - DeExtinction

I recently did a biology project about bringing back the wooly mammoth through the method of either cloning or reprogramming cells. While doing research, I came across this website and noticed there was a TED talk on it. 

Throughout this TED talk, I was very interested in what the speaker; Hendrik Poinar, had to say. He talks about being able to sequence the genome of extinct animals, and thinking that 10 years ago, it was very unlikely to happen. Today, scientists from around the world have actually been able to sequence the human genome which is absolutely remarkable! Years ago, it would have been impossible because of the technology we had around then, as opposed to now. He also talks about reviving an extinct animal, being asked years ago; impossible. Today it is a reality, cloning an animal. The main topic he talks about is actually being able to revive an extinct species, which today is in reach. For example, the wooly mammoth. As long as there is well preserved cells and blood which has been found. He talks about the steps of taking the DNA from the wooly mammoth and extracting it from the bacteria and using this DNA to revive the wooly mammoth. 

Some fun facts that I recall from his TED talk... 

- comparing the chromosomes of an Asian elephant to the chromosomes a wooly mammoth can tell us how different the genome is and what sequences they need to be able to revive the wooly mammoth. 

- The mammoth genome is almost at full completion 

- The human genome is about 3 billion base pairs while the elephant and mammoth genome is about 2 billion base pairs larger than that of the human genome. 

- We can take an Asian elephant chromosomes, modify them so they match the chromosomes of the mammoth, put that into an e-nucleated cell, differentiate that into a stem cell, differentiate that into maybe sperm, artificially inseminate an Asian elephant egg and over a long and **arguous* procedure, bring back something that looks like the wooly mammoth. 

        -Because of certain parts missing from the chromosomes, it wouldn't be an exact replica, but it would be something that looked and felt much like a wooly mammoth. 

One major question which is turning many people away from wanting to bring back the wooly mammoth is "Where will we put it?". Well, Hendrik Poinar has an answer to that in his TED talk. There is plenty of area for 'housing' a mammoth in the north of Siberia. 

Though there is an answer to that question, there are many more posed as to whether or not we want to bring back the mammoth. 

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

QuickWrite - Worst Food

Over spring break, I was in Berlin (as well as some other places) and one day, we had to find our own lunch, and 5 or so people went over to a little kiosk that sold a bunch of different things. Knowing myself, I knew I couldn't have really anything there other than the fries which came with a sausage. I hadn't ever tired it and I was open for a new experience. 
This sausage tasted kind of sour, and was hard to chew. Though it was sour, I found it to be very juicy and had a lot of flavours to it I wasn't sure about. 
We ended up having this sausage for dinner a few times as well and the taste was, almost worse than what I had for lunch that day. For most of us, the sausage wasn't cooked so we didn't even try it. For myself I knew I wouldn't like it because of the experience I had already had with the Bratwurst. 

QuickWrite - What is your Imaginary Eden?

My imaginary Eden is an island, very secluded and unknown. No buildings, no one knows about it, barely any people live there. Only people who accidentally found the place know about it. Basically, there is nothing on this island. You could take 3 days to walk across to the other side and without any trouble at all. The only downside, but not a downside in my opinion, is that since there is nothing on this island in terms of architecture, you would have to restart your entire life. For me, I would enjoy that. I enjoy having work to do, constantly. Having to find your own source of food and of fresh water which could be anywhere but hidden as well. There is no religion, no set apparel, nothing in my imaginary Eden has any rules. 

Mid Semester Reflection

(1) Six Word Memoirs - I would give myself a B. I think overall things went well, more specifically I think that my pictures captured my topics well. I think what needed work in my Six Word Memoirs was the editing of my photos. Not only that but I think what else needed work was my explanations apropos my photos. 
In terms of writing, I learnt about myself that I can go on and on about something without realizing it. When I do realize that I have written a lot on one specific topic, if I go change anything, my paragraph (or however long it might be) then doesn't make sense. I have learnt that I need to get to my point quickly when writing anything. 
In terms of being a thinker, I think what I have learnt about myself is that most things take a while to figure out. While doing my six word memoirs, finding words for certain topics was hard but I'm not sure why. Even though it takes me a while, I think in the end they all turned out quite well. 
In terms of being a creator, I learned about myself that I can come up with different ways to show my true personality and things that I ball up inside without being too strait forward.
(2) IGNITE presentations- I think what went well was that before spring break, we were told that we would have to find pictures that relate to our topic. For me, that was perfect because I was going on my trip to Europe to study WWII as well as events that took place during that time. So knowing about the project and having a topic in mind to use, was perfect for me. I think what needs work is my presentation skills. 
In terms of writing as per the IGNITE presentations, I think I didn't do any. I chose not to write a script for my presentation because I think that doing it on the spot brought back the memories of when I was at the camps. So speaking from the heart, in my opinion for this project definitely made presenting easier. In terms of myself as a thinker for the IGNITE presentation, coming up with the subject of "The trip that changed my life" was difficult, and although I knew I wanted to use pictures from my trip, but I couldn't figure out a topic. I came up with the topic I used for my IGNITE presentation while I was at Awchwitz. The room I was in when I cried, I realized that I wanted other people to experience what Awchwitz and Birkenau were like. It was obvious to me that, no one could really understand what it was like, actually standing inside of the death chamber or just seeing the camps in person. Even though that is true, I wanted my classmates to at least see what the real concentration camps looked like, since we all have been learning about them since grade 6 (for me at least). Finally, as a creator I think that simply the topic of my IGNITE presentation was fairly creative. Not to discourage my classmates topics, but I think that my topic, considering the rest of the topics that were presented was very different and might have had a little more effort put into things. I could be funny and say, "I went to Europe just for this project!" And although I would love to, just for the heck of it, it wouldn't be very polite. What my point on the matter is, is that in my opinion, I think my topic for IGNITE was special in a way that, not too many people can say they've been to Europe specifically to learn about the Holocaust and the wars. Not too many people, from where we live, can say that they've actually stood inside of the 2 latest concentration camps which were used in the Holocaust. All in all, I would give myself a B for this assignment. 
(3) Blogging - Honestly, I'm not a very good blogger. I rarely post things to my blog however I am trying to post more. I don't typically visit my classmates blogs and comment. Finally, I am not very good at posting assignments on time. Judging on this assignment, it is obvious I need motivation to be able to post my things on time. All in all I would give myself a C for this portion. 
(4) Connecting and Engaging - I would have to give myself a B for this because I show up on time and I am in class everyday. However I don't participate in posting to my classmates blogs. 
(5) Course goals for myself as per this course would have to be..
a) Posting more personal posts to my blog and on a regular basis.
b) Posting assignments on time to my blog.
c) Staying on task during class while my friends are all talking around and over me while I am trying to work is difficult, so I may either listen to music more often or move spots. We will have to wait and see if listening to music does the trick. My goal for 'c' is staying on task when we have work to be done in a timely manner. 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Personal Post - A numbness

The song Wake Me Up by Aloe Black has inspired me. It has made me think about a recent event that feels like a nightmare that I just want to wake up from but can't. Although the song is a happier one, about love and well happiness, it helps me through this rough time. 

I recall something that I read a while ago about music; When you're upset, you feel the music. When you're happy, you hear the lyrics. 

Right now, I definitely feel the the music and the tone of the song and I take it to be a sad song. Though as I listen, I tune out the lyrics, and when I tune back in at certain points, the song makes me feel even more sad because of how I feel at this moment, since the song is a happier one, as are the lyrics. 

There aren't too many songs that could help me when I am sad about anything. It really depends on what 'state of sadness' I am in. At this moment, I'm not sure. It's almost like a numb feeling. Like what just happened isn't real, though I know it is. This numb feeling doesn't feel real, it feels like I am asleep, dreaming that this all happened. As if I could simply wake up and everything is back to normal. But I know it's not. And in the morning, I know I will feel even worse, because I know I will encounter what made me sad, and when I do encounter it, I have no idea what I will do, or how I will feel. 

Skype Reflection # 2

(1) What went well in todays Skype session?

I think for my group, (Ben and I who taught How to Watch a Scary Movie) did well with our presentation, as did everyone who presented. I think what went well out of everything was the amount of enthusiasm we all had while we presented, and how excited the kids were to hear about what we were teaching. 

(2) What is the value in collaborating with the grade 3 class? 

For me, I think that the value of collaborating with the grade 3's in Thompson gives us grade 12ers the opportunity to see how things have changed since we were that young. Obviously things in society and in the technology department have changed, and since our grade 3 year the way kids are taught has changed as well. In Creative Writing, we use our devices which is much different than any of my other classes. Personally, I like being able to use my devices during class and have the trust of my teacher that we are doing our work. Unlike my other classes, I feel like my teacher treats us like adults which is exactly what we need. So collaborating with the grade 3's gives us a chance for our teacher to see how we can use our technology to do really, anything in regards to teaching and learning while we get to know our grade 3 pals from Thompson. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014


So, I have this app on m'y iPad called Paper and today in essentials class, my best friend decided she wanted to try it out and draw a sailboat. 

Simply wanting to draw a sailboat, turned into all of this....

Thanks to Jordyn Syrenne and Kathryn Sequeira! 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

IGNITE Présentation

Procedural Writing: How to watch a scary movie

Step 1:Find a scary movie and some friends

Step 2: Turn off the lights and get ready (i.e. Popcorn, drinks and blankets) 

Step 3: Start the movie

Step 4: Get the main plot points, so you can understand the movie

Step 5: If you get scared, cover your face and try not to scream 

Step 6: Once the movie is over, make your friends swear they won't tell that you got scared 

Step 7: Try and sleep..... good luck

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Personal Post - Europe!!!

I am super excited to be going to Europe for 10 days and am leaving in only 9!! I have had a count down since the trip was 200 days away. I am stoked (though it may not be the best word) to be learning about the World War 1 and 2 Plus the Cold War in some of the places they actually took place. I am somwhat looking forward to going to the concentration camps, and the main one being Auschwitz which was the main camp that the Jews were transported to and killed at. I can just imagine being in one of the barracks and just balling my eyes out. I would hope that it won't happen, but I can only think of how intense it all will be for me and the rest of the group going. 

Quickwrite - A Teenagers Brain

Monday, 17 March 2014

Skype Reflection

(1) My group presented the mini lesson on punctuation. We made it "stick" with the kids by teaching it in a way that they could remember because it was fun! We had examples that related to driving. A red light was a period, a yellow light was a comma, and a green light was an exclamation mark. We also had to explain a question mark and Megan came up with the idea to use a pothole to describe the question mark. 

(2) I feel that our mini lesson went pretty well. The kids were following along and answering the questions we had for them. The pictures we had while explaining the pictures I thought helped the kids get the ideas we were trying to get at.

(3) While teaching the kids, I learnt that grade three's need things to keep them into the topic being taught. Though they got distracted, they were very attentive when each group was talking. They seemed to really enjoy talking to us. 

(4) I think next, they should come up with something they want to know, and have us teach it to them. 

My Three Comments

Alysha Cho

'Giraffe Ring, Skills Manitoba'

This is really cool! What made you decide to make a giraffe ring? What other kind of things have you made in jewelry arts? I'd love to see your work sometime! 

Megan Sawyer

'Find your own writing prompt - Quickwrites #3'

I agree, I find that quite often adults ask why we do things at our age. For us it's a normal thing but for them it's almost foregin. I would hope that when we all grow up we are different than our parents are now, but like you said it's a chain reaction. What happens to them, happens to us. 

Taryn Lucas 

'Graphic Design'

These are really cool. What kind of things do you contribute to the school for graphic arts? Do you think you'd want to pursue some sort of graphic arts career after high school? I think it would be a great fit for you! 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

QuickWrite #3 - A day in Paris

"Sophie, will you marry me?"
"Jon!, oh my gosh! I never expected this!"
It was an ordinary day in Paris for Jon and Sophie while they were on their trip witht their company. Though everyone they worked with knew they were dating, not a lot of people saw Jon proposing so early in the relationship.

Jon and Sophie met on her first day of work at a meeting that he was holding. He was absolutely mezmirized by her and thought to himself he had to have her. Later on the same day of her first day, Jon asked her if she wanted to have lunch with her. 

"I can't, I have a meeting during lunch."

So Jon went on with his business and thought about what he could do to make lunch special enough to make Sophie interested in having lunch more often together. 

The next few days weren't very eventful for either of them, though Jon seemed to notice Sophie wasn't in the office too often. So the next time Jon saw Sophie he asker her what exactly she did at the company. 
"I was hired in this department to do field work and to travel too different countries and to try and sell to people what we do and how they can get involved with us." 
The next day Jon asked his boss why he had never heard of that position before. 
"It's because Sophie is the CEO's grandaughter and he wanted her to have a good future so he made a special poition for her." 
"Are there any extra spots on this team? I would love to take part in this section of the company."

Later that day, Jon was informed by his boss that there would be a spot on the upcoming trip to the US somewhere and that if he did good selling it on that trip, he would be a part of the team. 

When Jon got back from the trip he was saddened to see that Sophie hadn't gone on the same trip as him. He was wondering what trip she did go on and that maybe he wouldn't always be going on the same trips as Sophie was. When he heard from the CEO of the company, he was ecstatic to hear that he was the newest part of the team and that there would be a very important trip coming up later that year that both himself and Sophie would be going on. 

So he made it his mission to spend as much time with her as possible to make it seem that he was interested but not making it obvious. When they met to discuss the upcoming trip, they planned to meet as often as 4 times a week, at each other's houses. 

A few months later and the trip was coming up quickly. So Jon decided to make a move. On the plus side, he knew that they would be going to Paris on the trip so he could do someting romantic for Sophie to show that he can be a real gentleman. 

They met on a Tuesday in February when Jon was planning on 'making his move'. Thy had now known each other for almost 2 years and things were going great! So when they met at his house that night, he had the most expensive wine set out with candle light in the living room. Sophie was astonished by all of it. Yet it drew her in closer which was great for Jon! 

When they showed up for work the next day, they were 'together' but only a few people from the office knew. 

Three months later and the trip was here. "Finally" Jon thought, " This is my chance. I have to make my move on this trip." 

Once all of the company things were taken care of, they still had 2 days to themselves. On the first day, they decided to do some sight seeing. "Why not?" Sophie thought to herself, "A couple in Paris; the city of love. What is more romantic than that." 

On the second day of their day off, Sophie and Jon went down to see the Eiffel Tower again. They thought it was absolutely magnificent. They took a walk on the grass in front of it, and that when...

"Sophie, will you marry me?"
"Jon!, oh my gosh! I never exected this! Don't you think it's a little early though? We have only know =n each other for about 3 years. And we've been dating for 4 months."
"It may be early, but you have to admit, we know each other better than any couple anyone could ever imagine. We love each other more than any other couple could. So, will you Sophie James marry me Jon Mackly."

Just as Sophie said yes, she and Jon were shot by the France police for reasons unexplained. To this day, the company they worked for has never sent people to do what they did, so this never would happen again. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Six Word Memoirs #6

For this six word memoir, I chose to do pictures of my dog looking Asian (thanks to my sister). I chose to do this memoir as love because, well I love my dog. There's not much else I can say about that. I also chose to use my dog as a theme for love, but also make him look Asian because he just takes it. He doesn't snap or growl with anything we do. That's a huge part of why I love him. 

I chose to write the six words as a meme because I thought the pictures fit with the tone of a meme; funny, weird, and out of the ordinary. I chose to write the words in white because there weren't any other options as for colours with a meme but it fits well with the theme of my six word memoir because I think it looks very natural and when I think about it, if the words were in colour then the picture overall might look too crowded and difficult to look at. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Six Word Memoirs #5

I chose to do a six word memoir on me and my sister and how we've drifted apart over the last few years because she was always someone I could go to and rant about things to. She was also someone who could always relate to things that I was going through in reference to my family or life in general. The small box with the drawn question mark shows how I don't know where where she is, and I chose to draw a question mark because I don't have any recent photos of her. 

I decided to put the picture of the question mark opposite of the graduation picture of myself to show how distant my older sister and I have become. I thought to use the font 'optima' in the memoir for the six words because I think it captures the essence of the emotion in the memoir. 

Six Word Memoirs #4

I chose to do one of my six word memoirs on my past and how I can now see that my younger years weren't captured very well, and because of that I have no way of seeing wha my childhood as like and that's something that I would like to have when I'm older. I would like to be able to see what sort of things I did when I was in elementary school and middle school, and what friends I had then. 

I chose to take a picture of the cameras facing the camera taking the picture because it signifies how it feels to be sitting in front of the camera, and not always behind. I also chose to to use the font and colour in the picture of the six words because they seemed sophisticated to me when I saw them while editing the picture. 

Six Word Memoris #3

I think this picture is self explanatory, and by that I mean that the bigest image in the picture is my immediate family all together. That was 10 years ago. So when you think about it, I was in grade 4 when this picture was taken. It is also the last picture capturing our family together and happy. After that, things started going downhill and nothing has changed since then other than things constantly getting worse. Not only between my immediate family but my dad's side of my family as well. None of us have talked in a while. In the big image, you see 2 people that don't have their own small photo. That is because they are the people that have "drifted away". The people that have their own small photos are the family members in my immediate family that have stayed close throughout everything. I chose a black font colour because it fits well with the tone of the picture. I also chose to put the six words in the box with the family photo because the six words are talking about that picture more than the rest. 

Six Word Memoirs #2

This photo to me has a very powerful meaning. My friends are what keeps my up and what makes me who I am. If I didn't have them, I don't think I would be who I am today. The font and colour I chose relate to the picture and words because I find them just simple and soft. I chose to fade out the photos of all the faces of my friends because, mainly I thought it looked cool. Although my first though was how to made this image look more interesting, looking at the picture more and more, it makes me think deeper into why I chose to fade out their faces. So here is what I came up with; just because their faces aren't the focus of the camera, nothing changes how much they all (and more) mean to me. Each and every one of my friends make me who I am, if they looked different and I was still friends with them, I wouldn't care. True friendship to me isn't defined by what you look like (because trust me, I've had "friends" that didn't want to friends because of how I look).To me friendship is how you treat one another. Which is why the faces are faded out. The picture of the feet in the middle of the image I had the same dilemma. I thought, this would look cool here! But the deeper meaning I came up with is that like before, it doesn't matter who you are, to me if you treat me well then we're friends. So the feet were a perfect representation of exactly that. 

Six Word Memoirs #1

Personally, I don't think this photo needs a lot of explanation. The words fit with the photo, I think, because the person walking alone signifies how no one knows me and everything about me. Not even my best friend knows everything about me. I chose the the font because it seems simple, and the same goes for the six words. The colour I chose has the same reasoning. Plus I like this shade of pink. I didn't add any effects on the picture because with the reasoning above, it's simple enough that it doesn't need to be changed. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt