Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Six Word Memoirs #2

This photo to me has a very powerful meaning. My friends are what keeps my up and what makes me who I am. If I didn't have them, I don't think I would be who I am today. The font and colour I chose relate to the picture and words because I find them just simple and soft. I chose to fade out the photos of all the faces of my friends because, mainly I thought it looked cool. Although my first though was how to made this image look more interesting, looking at the picture more and more, it makes me think deeper into why I chose to fade out their faces. So here is what I came up with; just because their faces aren't the focus of the camera, nothing changes how much they all (and more) mean to me. Each and every one of my friends make me who I am, if they looked different and I was still friends with them, I wouldn't care. True friendship to me isn't defined by what you look like (because trust me, I've had "friends" that didn't want to friends because of how I look).To me friendship is how you treat one another. Which is why the faces are faded out. The picture of the feet in the middle of the image I had the same dilemma. I thought, this would look cool here! But the deeper meaning I came up with is that like before, it doesn't matter who you are, to me if you treat me well then we're friends. So the feet were a perfect representation of exactly that. 

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