Monday, 17 March 2014

My Three Comments

Alysha Cho

'Giraffe Ring, Skills Manitoba'

This is really cool! What made you decide to make a giraffe ring? What other kind of things have you made in jewelry arts? I'd love to see your work sometime! 

Megan Sawyer

'Find your own writing prompt - Quickwrites #3'

I agree, I find that quite often adults ask why we do things at our age. For us it's a normal thing but for them it's almost foregin. I would hope that when we all grow up we are different than our parents are now, but like you said it's a chain reaction. What happens to them, happens to us. 

Taryn Lucas 

'Graphic Design'

These are really cool. What kind of things do you contribute to the school for graphic arts? Do you think you'd want to pursue some sort of graphic arts career after high school? I think it would be a great fit for you! 

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