Thursday, 13 March 2014

QuickWrite #3 - A day in Paris

"Sophie, will you marry me?"
"Jon!, oh my gosh! I never expected this!"
It was an ordinary day in Paris for Jon and Sophie while they were on their trip witht their company. Though everyone they worked with knew they were dating, not a lot of people saw Jon proposing so early in the relationship.

Jon and Sophie met on her first day of work at a meeting that he was holding. He was absolutely mezmirized by her and thought to himself he had to have her. Later on the same day of her first day, Jon asked her if she wanted to have lunch with her. 

"I can't, I have a meeting during lunch."

So Jon went on with his business and thought about what he could do to make lunch special enough to make Sophie interested in having lunch more often together. 

The next few days weren't very eventful for either of them, though Jon seemed to notice Sophie wasn't in the office too often. So the next time Jon saw Sophie he asker her what exactly she did at the company. 
"I was hired in this department to do field work and to travel too different countries and to try and sell to people what we do and how they can get involved with us." 
The next day Jon asked his boss why he had never heard of that position before. 
"It's because Sophie is the CEO's grandaughter and he wanted her to have a good future so he made a special poition for her." 
"Are there any extra spots on this team? I would love to take part in this section of the company."

Later that day, Jon was informed by his boss that there would be a spot on the upcoming trip to the US somewhere and that if he did good selling it on that trip, he would be a part of the team. 

When Jon got back from the trip he was saddened to see that Sophie hadn't gone on the same trip as him. He was wondering what trip she did go on and that maybe he wouldn't always be going on the same trips as Sophie was. When he heard from the CEO of the company, he was ecstatic to hear that he was the newest part of the team and that there would be a very important trip coming up later that year that both himself and Sophie would be going on. 

So he made it his mission to spend as much time with her as possible to make it seem that he was interested but not making it obvious. When they met to discuss the upcoming trip, they planned to meet as often as 4 times a week, at each other's houses. 

A few months later and the trip was coming up quickly. So Jon decided to make a move. On the plus side, he knew that they would be going to Paris on the trip so he could do someting romantic for Sophie to show that he can be a real gentleman. 

They met on a Tuesday in February when Jon was planning on 'making his move'. Thy had now known each other for almost 2 years and things were going great! So when they met at his house that night, he had the most expensive wine set out with candle light in the living room. Sophie was astonished by all of it. Yet it drew her in closer which was great for Jon! 

When they showed up for work the next day, they were 'together' but only a few people from the office knew. 

Three months later and the trip was here. "Finally" Jon thought, " This is my chance. I have to make my move on this trip." 

Once all of the company things were taken care of, they still had 2 days to themselves. On the first day, they decided to do some sight seeing. "Why not?" Sophie thought to herself, "A couple in Paris; the city of love. What is more romantic than that." 

On the second day of their day off, Sophie and Jon went down to see the Eiffel Tower again. They thought it was absolutely magnificent. They took a walk on the grass in front of it, and that when...

"Sophie, will you marry me?"
"Jon!, oh my gosh! I never exected this! Don't you think it's a little early though? We have only know =n each other for about 3 years. And we've been dating for 4 months."
"It may be early, but you have to admit, we know each other better than any couple anyone could ever imagine. We love each other more than any other couple could. So, will you Sophie James marry me Jon Mackly."

Just as Sophie said yes, she and Jon were shot by the France police for reasons unexplained. To this day, the company they worked for has never sent people to do what they did, so this never would happen again. 

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