Tuesday, 29 April 2014

QuickWrite - Worst Food

Over spring break, I was in Berlin (as well as some other places) and one day, we had to find our own lunch, and 5 or so people went over to a little kiosk that sold a bunch of different things. Knowing myself, I knew I couldn't have really anything there other than the fries which came with a sausage. I hadn't ever tired it and I was open for a new experience. 
This sausage tasted kind of sour, and was hard to chew. Though it was sour, I found it to be very juicy and had a lot of flavours to it I wasn't sure about. 
We ended up having this sausage for dinner a few times as well and the taste was, almost worse than what I had for lunch that day. For most of us, the sausage wasn't cooked so we didn't even try it. For myself I knew I wouldn't like it because of the experience I had already had with the Bratwurst. 

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  1. That sounds like it would not taste very good at all! Do you know what it was called?