Saturday, 14 June 2014

My Short Story - The Art of Interactional Video Games

Waking up, I slowly glance around the room. Wires all around me, many of which are hooked up to me. I hear a loud crash... 

"Who's there?" I shout, but no other sounds were made. 

I blink, trying to remember where I am, and what happened. All of a sudden I feel a sharp pain in my arm as if I am being stabbed, and everything disappears. 

Regaining consciousness, I note that the things I see now are nothing like I remember seeing before everything went dark. Suddenly I realize, my arms are getting tired, and I can't figure our why. Looking up I see that I am holding myself up by a rope falling out of the sky. 

I think to myself. "How did I get here?" 

Then suddenly I realize I am no longer holding myself up, instead I am plummeting towards to ground, screaming, knowing I will be dead in just a few seconds. 

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ... wait I can't even see the ground. What's happening? Where am I? Get me out of here!" 

Now I realize I am being thrown towards a great fire in the sky, instead of being flung downwards by gravity's cruel effects. Then without even realizing it, I am walking in a city that I have no idea how I got to. Though I don't feel any panic for having just arrived here. Confused, I take a moment to search my feelings. 

"This town, it's beautiful. The structure and the skies. Everything about it is magnificent" 

During that time, I also glance down, and notice that my entire outfit has been changed; I am wearing a dress, which is something I have never worn before, but have always longed to do. I also notice that everything has a shimmer to it, and seems to glow.

I make a foolish mistake to walk around, and soon find myself face to face with one of my old enemies whom I left behind during the Great War when we lost contact with earth. I greeted him cautiously, and then started running, it feels like I am running through a fog and my movements are difficult.

"How have you been?" He started 
"I've been good! It's been a while, we should catch up sometime." 
"Why not now? I'm not doing anything." 
"Jake, I'm actually on my way somewhere." I try desperately to ditch him.
"I'll walk with you!" 

All I can think of is how badly I want something; anything to happen so I can get away from Jake. The last thing I need is for him to say something bad about me and no one will ever talk to me again. After all, he is one of the most popular and has been for as long as I can remember. 

All of a sudden gravity decided to have a surprise in store for me, and I can't be more ecstatic. I discovered, once again its flawless cruelty. Rolling down the hill, I
desperately tried to get myself into a position where I could stop, and get
up, so I could start running again. I finally managed it, and discovered
that my left arm was broken. I managed to bind it up with some deadwood
from the forest ground. Ignoring my many cuts and scrapes, I once again
headed off to the caves.

Picking up my pace, I frantically ran back up the hill. The fires had just reached the tops of the tallest trees, and they were starting to flare up. It would not be
too long before the whole forest was ablaze in a fiery mess.

I finally reached the cave, although I still needed to find my
access key. Searching through my shirt, I was finally able to get it,
berating myself for refusing to get the chip installed, which would not
have lost me this precious time.

The door to the cave opened up. I walked along the hallway, and down
the stairs into the bunkers that were on level d25. The walk down there
would take me about a hour, and i heard echoes of laughter, which meant that other
people had managed to get inside as well. Reaching floor b26, i managed to
catch sight of the timer. It read fifteen minutes left until the bunkers
would be locked down, and I may not have a hope of surviving this. I cursed
myself for falling down, and reaching the caves from the other wing, which
did not have the slide that would have made my descent almost instantaneous,
but it was one of the more remote areas, and hardly used.
I started running down the stairs, making fairly decent time, but worrying
that i would not make it in time. The next moment I, again, find
myself flying upwards.

This time I try to fight it, I don't have time to lose myself in
another place.

All of a sudden I am in a long corridor.. At first i thought, i had
lost my sight, but then i realized that everything was shaded black.
Even my clothes, a long sleeved shirt with those old style gloves - I think they called them ballroom gloves back five hundred years ago.
Looking around I saw the light covered in black as well. The walls
started to close in on me and I ran down the hallway towards a door
that seemed to appear up ahead in the far distance. Oddly, the door
seemed to be as white and glowing as the last place I ended up.
I started to run down the hallway, and found that no matter how much i ran, i always remain where i first arrived. The walls were still closing in on me, if i reached out with both arms, i would of been able to touch them. I started to panic, the walls were moving faster, and faster, and i could not seem to move an inch from where i was.

All of a sudden, I was at the door, and very much out of breath.. Opening the door, i saw a screen that was playing a image from earlier on in my life - one of the times i was with my sister Alyssha. We were both pretty young, no more than eight or nine years old. It was odd seeing the both of us outside from my memories from that time, it had been years since our pictures got destroyed in the raging fire of ‘27, when everyone was relocated to one of the surrounding cities.
I start to walk towards the screen which seems almost transparent. I had just reached it when i was suddenly back at the stairs, and glancing at the time, it looked like i had only lost two seconds.

I start running again, faster this time.. Maybe i can reach the secondary level at least which has five minutes longer to get to, before it gets locked down too.
All of a sudden,  I smelled an odd scent, it reminded me of my mother during my years growing up within her house. I felt a sadness, since we’d lost her last summer during an air raid on the colony.

Not having enough time to discover where the scent is coming from, I turn and head down the next flight of stairs. All of a sudden there is a really sharp pain on my arm. I rub my arm, feeling nothing there and keep running.

As I reach floor d25 the ground starts shaking violently. I hear my name being called, and soft, faint voices in the distance. Trying to keep my balance as everything starts dissolving. I try to hold onto the world, but it doesn’t seem to want to keep me around. I become aware of a beeping noise, and I glance around. There are less wires then i remember before.There is a monitor that is counting down;

45 seconds left.
30 seconds 
20 seconds

A strange person wearing all white, walks in and notices me awake and starring around. She walks out quickly, and there are hushed whispers coming from the hallway. I try to listen in, but I can’t quite make out the voices.

All of a sudden my sister and mother walk in. Both of them walk to the bed and give me a big hug. I look at them confused; both of them had died.

I started to ask them how they came back alive then realized that that probably was not an appropriate question to ask.

They both start talking at the same time, laugh and then my sister reminds me of the experiment with the virtual reality machine I had taken.

All of a sudden memories flood back and I remember the special project I joined through Facebook. It was my job to test out how real the system worked. The painful prod on my arm was the reversal drug to stop the inhibitor on my subconscious and conscious mind which detaches me from the real world and makes the game seem more real.

I climbed out of bed excitedly; after fifteen years we finally had the proper drug to bring back memories so people don't end up forever trapped in the game world.
"So what have I missed?"

"Well honey, not very much has happened. You were only out for about a day."
"We missed you of course, but you know you aren't done yet, right?" Alyssha reminds me. "You have to document everything that happened during the game on Facebook."

And so it goes...

"This game has to be the most exhilarating yet most terrifying game to ever be invented. I would recommend it to anyone who is up for a good time and a challenge.

While I was there...."

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