Thursday, 6 March 2014

Six Word Memoirs #6

For this six word memoir, I chose to do pictures of my dog looking Asian (thanks to my sister). I chose to do this memoir as love because, well I love my dog. There's not much else I can say about that. I also chose to use my dog as a theme for love, but also make him look Asian because he just takes it. He doesn't snap or growl with anything we do. That's a huge part of why I love him. 

I chose to write the six words as a meme because I thought the pictures fit with the tone of a meme; funny, weird, and out of the ordinary. I chose to write the words in white because there weren't any other options as for colours with a meme but it fits well with the theme of my six word memoir because I think it looks very natural and when I think about it, if the words were in colour then the picture overall might look too crowded and difficult to look at. 

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