Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype Reflection # 2

(1) What went well in todays Skype session?

I think for my group, (Ben and I who taught How to Watch a Scary Movie) did well with our presentation, as did everyone who presented. I think what went well out of everything was the amount of enthusiasm we all had while we presented, and how excited the kids were to hear about what we were teaching. 

(2) What is the value in collaborating with the grade 3 class? 

For me, I think that the value of collaborating with the grade 3's in Thompson gives us grade 12ers the opportunity to see how things have changed since we were that young. Obviously things in society and in the technology department have changed, and since our grade 3 year the way kids are taught has changed as well. In Creative Writing, we use our devices which is much different than any of my other classes. Personally, I like being able to use my devices during class and have the trust of my teacher that we are doing our work. Unlike my other classes, I feel like my teacher treats us like adults which is exactly what we need. So collaborating with the grade 3's gives us a chance for our teacher to see how we can use our technology to do really, anything in regards to teaching and learning while we get to know our grade 3 pals from Thompson. 

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