Monday, 17 March 2014

Skype Reflection

(1) My group presented the mini lesson on punctuation. We made it "stick" with the kids by teaching it in a way that they could remember because it was fun! We had examples that related to driving. A red light was a period, a yellow light was a comma, and a green light was an exclamation mark. We also had to explain a question mark and Megan came up with the idea to use a pothole to describe the question mark. 

(2) I feel that our mini lesson went pretty well. The kids were following along and answering the questions we had for them. The pictures we had while explaining the pictures I thought helped the kids get the ideas we were trying to get at.

(3) While teaching the kids, I learnt that grade three's need things to keep them into the topic being taught. Though they got distracted, they were very attentive when each group was talking. They seemed to really enjoy talking to us. 

(4) I think next, they should come up with something they want to know, and have us teach it to them. 

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  1. Hi,

    This is Ms. Bettess. We loved your lesson. Thank you for teaching us about six word stories. My class would love to have more lessons from your class as well as teach your class a lesson. Thank you for interacting with us.

    Ms. Bettess