Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Six Word Memoris #3

I think this picture is self explanatory, and by that I mean that the bigest image in the picture is my immediate family all together. That was 10 years ago. So when you think about it, I was in grade 4 when this picture was taken. It is also the last picture capturing our family together and happy. After that, things started going downhill and nothing has changed since then other than things constantly getting worse. Not only between my immediate family but my dad's side of my family as well. None of us have talked in a while. In the big image, you see 2 people that don't have their own small photo. That is because they are the people that have "drifted away". The people that have their own small photos are the family members in my immediate family that have stayed close throughout everything. I chose a black font colour because it fits well with the tone of the picture. I also chose to put the six words in the box with the family photo because the six words are talking about that picture more than the rest. 

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