Monday, 28 April 2014

Personal Post - A numbness

The song Wake Me Up by Aloe Black has inspired me. It has made me think about a recent event that feels like a nightmare that I just want to wake up from but can't. Although the song is a happier one, about love and well happiness, it helps me through this rough time. 

I recall something that I read a while ago about music; When you're upset, you feel the music. When you're happy, you hear the lyrics. 

Right now, I definitely feel the the music and the tone of the song and I take it to be a sad song. Though as I listen, I tune out the lyrics, and when I tune back in at certain points, the song makes me feel even more sad because of how I feel at this moment, since the song is a happier one, as are the lyrics. 

There aren't too many songs that could help me when I am sad about anything. It really depends on what 'state of sadness' I am in. At this moment, I'm not sure. It's almost like a numb feeling. Like what just happened isn't real, though I know it is. This numb feeling doesn't feel real, it feels like I am asleep, dreaming that this all happened. As if I could simply wake up and everything is back to normal. But I know it's not. And in the morning, I know I will feel even worse, because I know I will encounter what made me sad, and when I do encounter it, I have no idea what I will do, or how I will feel. 

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