Monday, 3 March 2014

Digital Quickwrite - Emergency Response

Quickwrite - Emergency Response

February 18, 1942

I was called into work again today on the new telephone. It is interesting how it works. Anyways, on my way to work, Stanly (my ride) made a few unexpected stops. Though it wasn't really okay with me. I had to rush! After all, we are in the middle of a war! When I got to the camp, I was surprised that no one questioned what I was riding to work on. Stanley was a good ride that got me there on time. So why question it in the first place.

It wasn't until around 7:30 at night that I was told that Stanley was wandering around the camp. When I found him, people were crowding around him like he was some sort of show animal. He's only a dinosaur! Like I said, why question him! I've managed to keep Stanley alive for this long and I plan to keep him alive for much longer. I have all my medical supplies on him when I am at work so I don't ever have to tie him up on a tree like a dog so he doesn't run away. And he's real good company for when we aren't doing anything. And at night, some of the guys come to out tent and we all play poker. The really amazing part is, Stanley usually wins. We all lose our money to Stanley, my dinosaur... at poker!

A short story, by Kira Stroud

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