Monday, 24 February 2014

Digital Quickwrite - Which Door?

I would choose the Hogwarts Door because I know what happens on the other side. I think of it as fun and adventurous. Harry Potter was one of the series I grew up with. I find that when you grow up with a certain series or something, you get attached and when you're older you think back to the times when you watched those movies it shows. For me I think back to when I watched Harry Potter. Fairly often in my life now I like to rewatch the series because it brings back memories from when I was younger. Another reason why I chose the Hogwarts door is because I've always dreamt of going to where they filmed the movies. So going through the door brings me there. I also love watching the movies time after time because of all the things they make up but make come to life. For example Fluffy, the 3 headed dog. Or Hagreds pet dragon in the later movies. And all the dragons they have in The Goblet of Fire. All the special effects they use to make everything come to life. Going through the Hogwarts door would be my dream.

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